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Caesar A.D. This is Caesar's First New CD since the release of his Rock Opera Seduction which opened in New York and Las Vegas. This New Recording is comprised of previously unreleased songs that Caesar wrote over his 40 year career. This album is a real voyage through the decades of different genres of popular music. All updated into today's modern pop/rock sound. Caesar A.D. will thrill and engross your thoughts through memorable sounds that you loved in your youth and right on through your present day preferences. All New Recordings, All New Songs Composed, Produced, Performed and Recorded in his home recording studio during the China Virus Pandemic. These 22 new songs will be turned into his new Rock Opera which is as of yet untitled. Once the Virus is gone Caesar will begin production but for now He wanted to release these new songs on a double CD so that you can enjoy this new music before it is re-released ...

Forgotten Savior

          Medieval England, a prince’s love is torn apart at the hands of a hired assassin. Four hundred years later his spirit is reincarnated to the body of James Scott who is inspired to create music following a visit from the ghost of his friend who was killed by a mobster. By the grace of a bird spirit he surmounts a tragic childhood of murder and sexual abuse. He meets John Lennon and is compelled to leave home. Starving and alone he encounters a mysterious hermit who guides him towards success. He emerges from the turmoil of addiction, fame and corruption, to be reunited with his love from centuries past, completing the circle. 

Sonaris and Lucina
A Mutant Fantasy Love Story
       A team of mutants led by Sonaris, a blind mutant who is able to see by whistling. Sendra, a voiceless telepath, Radarik, who’s deaf but can see sounds and Percevia, a clairvoyant must save Lucina who because of her super shinning hair that creates heat and light is enslaved by the Mayor to supply energy to his town of Emanarie.
       As I observed the current events taking place in the world over the past few years, this story started formulating in my mind. It seemed to me, as I listened closely to the politician’s obvious double talk and outright lies that so many people have chosen to willfully blind themselves to what appears to be deliberate and disparaging changes foisted upon them by manipulative and power hungry individuals, businesses and governments.
        I thought, if I wrote a story in such a way that incorporated the popular theme of Mutated Humans who have super abilities as well as debilitating impairments, I might be able to successfully integrate reality with fantasy. 

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Caesar is a multi-award winning and well renowned recording artist,composer, director of stage and film, producer, screen and playwright whose other celebrated talents include poetry and painting and is the President of Kaleidoscope Entertainment Corp. in New York City, and has worked with such companies as HBO, MTV, VH1 AMC, BBC, and PBS.

He composed, directed and produced his most recent production, a New Rock Opera titled, "Seduction", which completed a very successful run in Las Vegas and New York City. "Red Hook", his previous Rock Opera premiered at the Lamb’s Theater on Broadway in New York City. He also filmed and edited a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of, "Red Hook" for HBO.

A prolific author, Caesar penned two novels, "The Exegesis" (Who We Are and Where We Come From) and "We Are The Aliens".  An Astral Fantasy Tale Titled: "The Bridge Of Silk Tears" has been recently published along with his newest Self Help book Titled, "You Can Fly", How To Astral Travel - (A step by step guide to out of body projection and movement). Four poetry collections titled, "Observations, Poems, Short Stories and Songs" and the release of, "The Laws of Existence, These are The Laws and The Lexicon which profoundly explain the fundamental Physical and Moral rules that constitute and govern Humanity and Our Universe.

Caesar wrote, produced and directed the feature film, "Forgotten Savior", which won Best Picture at the New York Independent Film Awards and was nominated at Cannes. He also wrote, produced, and directed the documentary, "Brain Child", for MTV. And developed a reality television series titled "Dream Catcher", which interprets and dipicts dreams.

Caesar was a member of the punk rock legend band, "The Misfits", for several years. He appears on the, "Live Bait" and "Across The Pond", CD's.
He produced and performed, "The Misfits Live at the Melbourne Concert Hall", documentary for MTV Australia and the, "Year 2000" video for the BBC. After departing, "The Misfits", Caesar formed the prog-rock, new wave ‘80’s band, "YOU" and released, "YOU Are Coming" and "Neek" CD's which produced the chart topping hit, "Universal Language". Caesar has also released several solo albums, including, "Caesar’s Brain Child", "Caesar's Seduction" and "Singles". 

Caesar has just released his second album since his Broadway and Vegas rock operas titled "Suspension of Disbelief". You can find it at the bottom of this page and in the Music Store page along with links to his downloads, CD's  and Youtube videos .

In Childhood, he amazed his family with prophetic dreams, visions and visitations that often revealed and predicted future events. His psychic abilities grew and soon he was advising the unfortunate, healing the sick and teaching interested pupils how to Astral Travel. His peaceful, wise and empathetic charisma is evident in every area of his multi-faceted life.

The Complete Collection of Observations, Poems, Short Stories & Songs

        Composed of Salvatore Caesar Scordato's Older and Most Recent Poetry, Lyrics, Tales and Philosophy. The book is Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and his newest volume 5 all combined into one fantastic and complete publication. Included is the new Lyrics of his yet to be released Album, "Suspension of Disbelief". The book is wildly enticing with ever expanding Thoughts, Narrations and Expounding Comments that will leave you pondering long after the page has been turned. Added are stories of Fact, Fiction and somewhere in between that provoke feelings that you once believed were lost.
Original Cast Studio Recording
is of the Full Broadway Show.
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Suspension Of Disbelief

Caesar's Brain Child 
New Album
15 Songs

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The Book of Love
A Historic Account of Famous Couples
in Poetic Verse

      This book tells the stories of some of the most famous couples in history . From the beginning of Man right up to today's modern romances.
          Told in Beautiful Poetic Verse...