We Are The Aliens 

  Explores the possibility of Humanity being placed here on Earth by our ancestors who originated from another planet.
   A Facinating Theory that links together all the other Evolutionary possibilites and arrives at the most probable concept.
    Whether you are a science fiction buff or a religious theologist. You will love the conclusions this book draws...
You will not be ale to put it down !

Who We Are and Where We Come From

Challenging religious dogma and common precepts of science, Salvatore Scordato exchanges the mysteries of God for the road of logical conclusions. He imparts that our most wished for dreams and fantasies are nothing more than memories recalled and history repeated. 
This engaging interpretation of the first five books of the Bible asserts that by coupling modern knowledge to the events of the Old Testament (as seen through the eyes of ancient man), we begin to comprehend the parallels of past occurrences with today’s scientific and technological advancements.      This brave study dares to pull back the curtain to reveal the man who created the wizard. Inspired by the eternal questions, who is God and what is the meaning of life, 
The Exegesis establishes an exciting new theory of our creation.  
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Forgotten Savior

Medieval England, a prince's love is torn apart at the hands of a hired assassin. Four hundred years later his spirit is reincarnated to the body of James Scott who is inspired to create music following a visit from the ghost of his friend who was killed by a mobster.
By the grace of a bird spirit he surmounts a tragic childhood of murder and sexual abuse. He meets John Lennon and is compelled to leave home. Starving and alone he encounters a mysterious hermit who guides him towards success. 
He emerges from the turmoil of addiction, fame and corruption, to be reunited with his love from centuries past, completing the circle.

Enter the mean streets of Brooklyn New York where passion and pain erupt into an explosive Rock Opera! 
     Feel the heart pounding rhythms as a poor gang leader and a beautiful rich girl find love in the middle of a neighborhood turff war.

Dream Catcher 
Is a reality television pilot based on real dreams. Psychologists send in to the show's Producers actual dreams from clients who would like their dreams analyzed. 
In the first segment of the show, the dreams are depicted in film using famous Actors and Musicians. 
Then in the second segment The Host and resident Dream Psychologist, in a talk show setting introduce the actual person who had the dreams and the Psychologist who recommended them to the show. They analyze and discuss all that was depicted on the show. 
Finally in the third segment the show comes to fruition and all the questions about the meaning of the dreams are answered.

The Compilation
An Anthology of Literary Works 

     Is a Collection of Literary Works from Salvatore Caesar Scordato. It encompasses the best and most successful of his Novels, Poetry and Scripts. 
    You would be hard pressed to find such an exquisite anthology of Dramatic, Romantic, Spiritual and intellectual writings anywhere in the world.
If you have been thinking of purchasing a book that will challenge and intrigue you. This is it!

Observations, Poems, Short Stories & Songs 
Volumes. 1, 2 and 3

These three volumes are both Compiled from Salvatore Caesar Scordato's Early and Recent years of Poetry, Lyrics, Tales and Philosophy. 
They are wildly enticing with ever expanding Thoughts, Narrations and Expounding Comments that will leave you pondering long after the page has been turned. 
​ Contains the extra added Lyrics of his first, Lost and unfinished rock opera, Odyssey 401 circa 1972. 
Added stories of Fact, Fiction and somewhere in between  provoke feelings that you once believed were lost.

The Combined Rock Operas   

This volume combines Seduction and Redhook into one book. 
    "Seduction" is about a runaway teen seeking stardom. She is led through a maze of deception and manipulations by the Devil and his disciples. Adultery, murder, divorce and scandal follow her until ultimately, "The Rock Opera" ends when she refuses to hand over her first born child to Satan, confirming the tenant, "Good triumphs over Evil". 
     "Redhook", Enter the mean streets of Brooklyn New York where passion and pain erupt into an explosive Rock Opera! 
Feel the heart pounding rhythms as a poor gang leader and a beautiful rich girl find love in the middle of a neighborhood turf war.
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Exploits the classic struggle between good and evil by tearing back the curtain to unveil what lurks behind the beautiful and exciting city of Las Vegas.
Mary, (a rebellious teenage Singer), has decided to run away from home to find fame and fortune.
"The Devil", (disguised as a Music Mogul) dispatches Joe, (a Talent Agent) and Eugene Grant (a Movie Star) with orders to charm Mary into surrendering her immortal soul in exchange for success.
     Subsequently, "Seduction" leads you through a maze of sexual and mental deception, manipulation, adultery, murder, divorce and scandal.
Ultimately, "The Rock Opera" ends happily when Joe realizes that he has fallen deeply in love with Mary and refuses to submit to The Devil, confirming the tenant, "Good triumphs over Evil".
During this adventure, Mary encounters a wide-ranging group of captivating characters. Besides Joe the Talent Agent, Eugene Grant the Movie Star and the Motorcycle Riding Prince of Darkness, there is the Cross-Dresser Makeover Artist, an Elvis Impersonator, a Gangster Assassin, Maggie the Whore plus a whole host of Beautiful Female Demons.
"Seduction", will tantalize and enthrall you into a frenzy of emotions while at the same time luring you into its beautiful melodies, intricate choreography and heart pounding rhythms. 

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How To Astral Travel
A Step by Step Guide to
Out of Body Projection and Movement

The knowledge amassed within these pages will change your Life. Your perception of what you recognize as reality in this physical world and what you consider imagined in your dreams, will be drastically altered forever. The ability to manipulate your path through life and within your dreams, will take on a new, more certain meaning. You will gain the power to control your destiny and attain every desired goal.
Companion Relaxation Album
Not Required but suggested

     The Music composed in this Album is specifically designed to accompany the book, YOU CAN FLY - How to Astral Travel, a step by step guide to out of body projection and movement.
     This Album is NOT  necessary or essential  for the successful completion of the book.
The Bridge of Silk Tears
An Astral Fantasy Tale

The Bridge of Silk Tears is An Astral Fantasy Tale that spans from The Astral Plane to the Earth and back
A Boy and A Girl fall in love but are separated when the boy is hurt in anaccident and adopted by a lonely Duchess.
When The Duchess dies a Winged Horse carries him to The Astral Plane where he is taken care of by a Good Spirit.
In order to fulfill the boy's destiny, he is released from the Astral Plane and reborn into the body of an Orphan. The Queen of Huron declares the child legal heir to her Kingdom and when he reaches manhood, becomes King.
The Good Spirit sends him on a journey across the Bridge of Ages where he meets many amazing and fantastic characters who lead him to The Fountain of Lost Dreams and The Memory Stone that restores his past life memories. 
Along the way, he meets a Dressmaker who cries silk thread, The Supreme Overseer of the Astral Assembly, The Vision Prophet, The Hermit of the Hills, a Wizard, The Bishop, The Storyteller and a Beautiful Maiden. 
Eventually he is reunited with his lost childhood love and together they rule the Kingdom as King and Queen.

The Laws of Existence

       A stand alone enhanced excerpt from my book, "The Exegesis, Who We Are and Where We Come From, These are The Laws and The Lexicon which profoundly explain the fundamental Physical and Moral rules that constitute and govern Humanity and Our Universe.
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Observations, Poems, Short Stories & Songs Volumes 4 and 5
This volume, Forth in the series, is Composed of Salvatore Caesar Scordato's Newest and Most Recent Poetry, Lyrics, Tales and Philosophy. Included in this book is the first installment of a new short story titled, “Sonaris and Lucina”, a wonderful and exciting tale of three people with special abilities who join forces to rescue a girl who is being held captive to serve the purpose of the town. This volume is wildly enticing with ever expanding Thoughts, Narrations and Expounding Comments that will leave you pondering long after the page has been turned. Added are stories of Fact, Fiction and somewhere in between that provoke feelings that you once believed were lost.
Caesar A.D. Songbook

This is the companion book to Caesar's newest Double CD release. It contains all The Lyrics and Sheet Music for all 22 songs.
If you're a musician or lover of poetry, this book will thrill and empassion your creative desires.

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Seduction Show

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Sonaris and Lucina
A Mutant Fantasy Love Story
       A team of mutants led by Sonaria, a blind mutant who is able to see by whistling. Sendra, a voiceless telepath, Radarik, who’s deaf but can see sounds and Percevia, a clairvoyant must save Lucina who because of her super shinning hair that creates heat and light is enslaved by the Mayor to supply energy to his town of Emanarie.
       As I observed the current events taking place in the world over the past few years, this story started formulating in my mind. It seemed to me, as I listened closely to the politician’s obvious double talk and outright lies that so many people have chosen to willfully blind themselves to what appears to be deliberate and disparaging changes foisted upon them by manipulative and power hungry individuals, businesses and governments.
        I thought, if I wrote a story in such a way that incorporated the popular theme of Mutated Humans who have super abilities as well as debilitating impairments, I might be able to successfully integrate reality with fantasy. 

The Complete Collection of Observations, Poems, Short Stories & Songs

        Composed of Salvatore Caesar Scordato's Older and Most Recent Poetry, Lyrics, Tales and Philosophy. The book is Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and his newest volume 5 all combined into one fantastic and complete publication. Included is the new Lyrics of his yet to be released Album, "Suspension of Disbelief". The book is wildly enticing with ever expanding Thoughts, Narrations and Expounding Comments that will leave you pondering long after the page has been turned. Added are stories of Fact, Fiction and somewhere in between that provoke feelings that you once believed were lost.

The Book of Love
A Historic Account of Famous Couples
in Poetic Verse
      This book tells the stories of some of the most famous couples in history . From the beginning of Man to today's modern romances.